Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bishop Joseph F. Martino: Truth Bearer for Catholicism

Bishop Martino made a bold and brave statement about the teaching on "diversity" and "tolerance."

As Catholics, we must distinguish between authentic tolerance and an “anything goes” mindset. For example, would the Diversity Institute be justified in hosting a speaker who believes the Holocaust is a myth? Or one who believes slavery is okay because certain people are inferior? Or one who believes women can be exploited because they are the “weaker sex”? There are people out there who actually believe this nonsense, and they would be perfectly willing to come to the campus to tell you why.

Their views are certainly “diverse,” but does that qualify them to be given a platform in the name of tolerance? Or should they be allowed to make a presentation without any retort from the Catholic perspective?

Here, here!

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Unknown said...

I wish more bishops were like him.He knows he has been given a job to do and he is not afraid to do it. I can almost here him saying "I'm not going to hell for anybody!"
God Bless him.