Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My First YouTube Video Response: To FSMDude and his desecration of the Eucharist

Well, another first for me. I've watched YouTube videos on occasion and even have started to create my own. I've noticed at times that people post video response instead of just typing a comment. I decided to do just that as a response to a young man who has spent an inordinate amount of time obtaining communion wafers in order to desecrate them.

The boy has already desecrated 35 hosts. And. Videotaped. Every. One. Of. Them.

Yes, I mention in my video that he already made his point once and the rest was just repetition. But I couldn't help but challenge him. He said in one video that he was "concerned about truth" and "concerned that people believe in the Eucharist." He also claimed that a belief in the Holy Eucharist was a "lie."

I challenged him to basically put his money where his mouth is. If he is so concerned about truth, then what is he doing about it other than taking potshots at those who have faith? I'm not sure if he will respond to my video or even respond to it in a civil manner. It would be nice to have an honest intellectual dialog, but I'm not sure if he's either willing or capable of doing so.

So, below are the videos. We'll see if anything happens next:

Part One

Part Two


Kimberly said...

Excellent response, Mary Rose...last week I sent Dom a letter and a challenge, as well. He has yet to respond and I don't expect he will. BTW...he lives in Canada, I believe in Quebec.

Here's the text of the letter I sent:

My dear young man...

I'll not assail you with hate, but thinks thou dost protest too much...

You have so much anger and frustration over that which you can't comprehend. I think you want more than anything for something to happen. You are hoping that God, if there is One, will stop you. "Come down off of that cross if you're the Son of God"

Isn't that what the crowd said to Jesus?

You, by your actions, are begging for something to happen. You don't believe it will, but deep down I think you want it. You want to know that there is something more than "all of this." Now, I'm sure that you'll respond with the usual protestations...but your actions speak far louder than any words ever will. These desecrations seemingly mean nothing to you, and yet you have a mania for them. Each one is more fantastical than the next. You're running out of ideas. Have you asked yourself "Why do I care? I don't believe any of this. Why the effort?"

Your not changing the minds of those whom you are most offended by. Yes, you've inspired anger and even rage from those who love their faith and believe with all their hearts that Jesus is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. No one is asking you to believe. Yet you insist that we not believe. This is not rational. And you would have us believe that you are promoting reason and logic, yet there is no logic in your actions.

You don't believe in God. Okay. Why go to the trouble to infiltrate a Catholic Mass? You...don't...believe...

This seems a nonsensical waste of time. As you are a young man who is given to reason, I'd like to make a wager with you. Look up Pascal's Wager. I'm throwing down the gauntlet. Take up the challenge, if you're man enough.

Meanwhile, I'm praying for you. No smugness or self-satisfaction here...I'm old enough to be your mom and believe it or not, I care.

A Catholic Mom

Continue to pray for this young man's conversion. He's so very confused. Much of what he's spouting is verbatim Richard Dawkinisms...I don't believe he has an original thought of his own.

Kevin Gleeson said...

I'm praying for his conversion also. Wouldn't you love it if it occurred on the Feast of Corpus Christi?

Of course, God does things as He sees fit, and most often doesn't do them the way I would.

Mary Rose said...

Yes, Kevin, I would. What boggles my mind is how hard atheists work to *not* believe. This young man has certainly put a lot of effort into proving he's right with his disbelief. A future evangelist? Who knows? But my heart really does go out to him and I'm praying.

Yes, God does things as He sees fit and we have the privilege of joining Him in asking for His purpose to be completed. I'm so glad you're praying for Dom, too. :-)