Monday, October 27, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Thanks to Peggy at The Simple Woman for her daybook! To read more, check her entry today. To join in, first read her instructions here. Have a beautiful day!

FOR TODAY Monday, October 27

Outside My Window... The sky is dark blue velvet. Only a few lights from the nearby high school are lighting up the night. I'm getting up earlier and dawn won't be for another hour.

I am thinking... about marketing issues. All weekend. My mind is buzzing with ideas for my new job. Not very interesting to most people but I love it!

I am thankful for... Priests. I've come to appreciate them more than ever. They have a tough row to hoe.

From the kitchen... Coffee, which I'm drinking with CoffeeMate's "Cinnamon Bun" creamer. I need to get bagels and cereal. I still haven't gotten into a "groove" yet of planning dinners with my new schedule. Last night we had Chinese takeout. My leftovers may be my lunch, Chicken Jalepeno, which was very yummy!

I am wearing... my long-sleeved pink cotton nightgown with tiny pink flowers. I'm rather cold, even though the heat just kicked on. Barefoot.

I am creating...a digital page - finally! There are these two guys at the Renaissance Festival who perform each year, "Dirk and Guido." They are hysterically funny and Mickey was able to get some great shots of them.

I am going... to be taking my shower soon and heading into work. I'm trying to establish an "early to work, early to leave" routine!

I am reading... Seth Godin's Meatball Sundae. A very fascinating book about the New Media and how it is affecting marketing for companies across the world.

I am hoping... I can figure out our client relationship management software today. That thing is driving me nuts...

I am hearing... the soft blowing of heated air from the vents. Other than that, silence.

Around the house... I know I'm getting tired of saying boxes, but there are still boxes. I did fill another one with unneeded clothing and gave it to charity.

One of my favorite things... Sundays and attending Solemn High Mass and then sharing donuts and fellowship with my new friends after church.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Checking with a guy tonight to get an estimate for painting my car (it's looking rather ratty), my first full work week, figuring out Apple's movie and podcasting capabilities.

Here is picture thought I am sharing..."Dirk and Guido" They are truly two very funny guys!


MrsMomma said...

Yum, the cinnamon bun creamer and coffee sounds delicious.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Anita said...

That creamer DOES sound great!

I understand the boxes... We've been living in a FEMA trailer for over a year, and we live out of Rubbermaid totes! :(
Have a great week!

Lisa said...

These guys look like the same ones that come to our Renaissance Festival in Colorado every year! But, the names "Dirk and Guido" don't sound familiar... I wonder if they change their names from place to place? Regardless, if they're the same guys, I agree ~ they're hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting! I liked reading about your marketing ideas :) My mind seems to race similarly when something new is working at hand.


Kimberly said...

It was delightful sharing a few moments of conversation with you day we must finish our talks!! May God continue to bless you, Mary Rose...