Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI Nails It - and So Does a Fellow Blogger, LarryD

There is much turmoil right now in the world regarding the financial market. Stocks are plummeting and people are becoming more fearful about what the future holds. Pope Benedict XVI pointed out that the world's financial system is built on sand. How true. Sands shift with time and can never offer the security that only God can provide.

A fellow Catholic blogger, LarryD (Acts of the Apostasy), said recently on his blog:

But if we keep Christ at the center of our lives, clinging to him through all this chaos and confusion, we will have peace in our hearts. The Church has provided us with great examples of how to do this. Holy saints to emulate. Incredible devotions to embrace. Powerful prayers to meditate on. Not as an escape from the responsibilities we have towards our families, our jobs, our neighbors. Not as a psychological refuge from suffering or even as a refusal to admit that our country is undergoing a time of crisis.

That is just so beautifully said. LarryD's entry, "The Real Rescue Plan" is here and well worth at least one reading. In fact, I plan to read it later tonight and just savor the different Feast Days in October that bring a whole new perspective to our existence at this time in the world's history. Absolutely excellent entry, Larry!

Thank you, Pope Benedict, for directing our eyes toward that which is most important; and thank you, LarryD, for reminding us of our priorities. I feel as hopeful as ever in God and am not filled with fear. God is in control.

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Thanks for the link and kind words, Mary Rose!