Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Need a Feed?

If you look to the left, you'll see I added an RSS Feed to the site. You should be able to subscribe with whichever Feed management provider you use.

I am thanking The Curt Jester for this after he posted a recent entry about his updated blog design. After he admitted he never visited a blog again if they didn't have a feed, I figured it was time to bite the bullet and add one. I've known about them for years, I just didn't take the time to learn how to do it.

So, all I can say is thank God for Blogger and the relationship FeedBurner has with it. However, I use FeedDemon to keep track of my growing list of subscriptions. Now that I'm checking into it and building my own personalized news feed, I'm thinking, "What the heck took you so long, Mary Rose?!!"


Jeff Miller said...

Well you always had a feed. Blogspot always creates a Atom feed by default.

Mary Rose said...

Well, I only realized that after I did some more snooping with my customization. But I think I needed to register my blog somehow, so I did. Anyway...

You're much more into coding than I am. I know a little and designed a few websites (with the help of some templates), and have re-coded some within "WebIt" (now "Flexsite"). There have been days when I've lost myself in doing it. Egads..You guys don't get paid enough!