Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What IS It About the Latin Mass?

I really like The Lair of the Catholic Caveman blog. Whoever they are, they are spirited, passionate, and loyal to the Catholic faith. Good stuff, in my humble opinion.

Recently, the blogger named Vir Speluncae Catholicus posted this entry about the Latin Mass.

I loved this:

As Sis and I walked in, I saw that the altar was configured in it's usual, Traditional form; the only talking in the chapel was The Rosary being recited; there was the usual long line for Confession; men were in coat and tie, ladies wearing dresses and mantillas; the priest was dignified and actually conducted himself like a Catholic priest. And of course, the unmistakable awareness that Christ was physically present. Pretty standard stuff.

No Novus Ordo "it's all about me" attitude that was pervasive. No avalanche of noise that's the norm at St. Bozo's. No presider trying his damnedest to come across like Shecky Greene.

Anyhow, for some strange reason about 10 minutes into the Mass, it hit me.

For an hour and a half, once a week, this REALLY IS the most beautiful thing this side of heaven. I'll admit it... I was almost moved to tears.

I am so intrigued about the reasons why this Mass touches people so deeply. Could it be that after years of personalized liturgy based on the whims of others has finally taken its toll on the soul? Could it be that people are finally tired of the self-absorption that is evident in many of the newer Masses?

I will say I wholeheartedly agree with Fr. Z when he talks about a cross-pollination between the EFM and the NO. I believe as we start to return to some basics, we'll see a new appreciation for the old rite reflected in the NO.

At least I hope. I don't doubt it could happen. It's just been a while since I've seen a NOM celebrated with an understanding of penitence and the Sacrifice of the Mass, but actually, that was what I was raised in. I clearly remember as a little girl attending Mass and it was almost a literal translation of the Latin into English. It was good.


X said...

I never read that blog anymore because he is absolutely hateful towards homosexuals. I am not condoning their behaviour but he is over the top. Same as that Mary Alice on COL.

Mary Rose said...

Thanks for the info, Angela. I'm still learning my way around the blogosphere. That entry just happened to catch my eye.

May God give us all grace to love the sinners and realize that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. How great is His love for all of us!

Adrienne said...

Cavey used to have a pretty good blog but I agree with Angela. He can be downright ugly now. It creeps me out.

PS cards on the way:)