Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Shout-Out to Timothy at Christian Apologetics Society

You disabled the comments on your site, so consider this my comment. Well done! Saur♥Kraut has her work cut out for her!

For anyone else reading, Timothy is "fisking" another blogger's entry regarding Papal Infallibility. His entry/response is here. (A link to her site is included)

I also added Timothy's blog to my blogroll. I'm hoping he enables comments again. His entries are well worth the time to absorb, especially if you're into apologetics. If his response to Saur♥Kraut is any indication, his arguments are well-grounded, respectful (even when an undercurrent of presumption and attitude were thrown in at him), and good-natured. Rare finds when you get into either politics or religion on the internet.

I'm looking forward to reading more!

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