Friday, May 2, 2008

Reason #311 Why It's Good To Be Catholic

They have the best sense of humor.

Proof positive: Stuff Catholics Like

A snippet:
Holy Water:

Now as Catholics enter a church they bless themselves with holy water while making the sign of the cross. This is an interesting confluence since we combine the begriming of our Christian life in baptism with our redemption through the death of Christ via the sign of the cross. Catholics love cool symbolism like that! Not only that often we combine this with genuflecting (bending the knee) at the same time if we see a tabernacle with the Blessed Sacrament present. I told you we love symbolism and bending the knee to Jesus fits quite well with Philipians 2: 10.

But that doesn’t end the holy water fun in a Catholic church. During the Easter Vigil Mass a priest or deacon will walk thorough the church sprinkling holy water on the people via a liturgical implement called a aspergillum.We also love cool words like aspergillum. So if a priest is casting aspersions of holy water at you this is a good thing.

Don't try to drink and read at the same time unless you want to invest in a new keyboard.


Anonymous said...

When visiting the Catholic church in Mexico, they sprinkle the holy water on everyone. I love it. That is the only place I have seen this happen.
Love the word aspergillum. That is my something new I learned today. :)

Mary Rose said...

I love getting sprinkled, too. The very basic element of water reminds me how God has infused the simple with meaning. I'm always reminded of the baptism of Jesus and how we are reminded that our hearts and minds need the cleansing of the Lord always. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Aspergillum is a pretty cool word. :-)