Monday, June 9, 2008

A Big Thank-You to Kimberly!

Kimberly beat me to it by commenting on my last post before I had a chance to post this. Yesterday I enjoyed a simply wonderful outing with Kimberly and her family as they celebrated her grandmother's 85th birthday. Kimberly and her husband were kind enough to invite those of us who attend the Latin Mass at our parish. Because I'm still new, I especially appreciated this gracious invitation to get acquainted with my fellow parishioners.

There is something special about those who have fallen in love with the Latin Mass. There is a sense of awe, an almost unbelieving attitude that we actually like it, and a joy in realizing that the Mass is filled with mystery and holiness.

I also was reminded how Catholics just love to have fun!

There is a realness with Catholicism that I'm not sure some of them realize. Relax, have a beer, let's talk theology. There is no self-consciousness when Catholics do this. It's very natural and there doesn't seem to be the intense attempts to prove how "holy" one is by exclaiming "Praise the Lord!" after every other sentence. (Note: I have nothing against the phrase "Praise the Lord." I only have a problem when it doesn't seem genuine.)

It was so wonderful to get to know these folks better. Kimberly and her husband have a nine children. (Yep! Is that awesome, or what?!!) They live on a big, rambling farm filled with lots of open space and fresh air. A perfect place to raise a family. They are both hugely generous and filled with laughter and optimism. It was a joy to meet them.

I didn't snap a bunch of photographs because I thought it would be better if these folks had a chance to know me before finding out I'm a photo-fanatic who often takes carefully composed photographs of such objects of beauty like, potato salad, in order to create a scrapbook page. (Because no scrapbook page of a picnic can be complete with a photo of the potato salad...)

So. No photos this time. But next time, I'll have them.

Visit Kimberly's blog, Catholic Family Vignettes, which is filled with wonderful slices about her life. I especially liked the entry, The Simple Woman's Daybook. I was touched by how much beauty there is in the simple things of life. Good stuff.

By the way, Kimberly's sweet husband makes the most kickin' barbecue sauce I've tasted. Those BBQ-ed ribs rocked!


X said...

I was talking to a couple ladies last week who made a comment about a doctor they worked with. They were surprised he had a sense of humor because "he is religious." Maybe becasue I think he is a Calvinist? If they met my priest they'd know Catholics have a sense of humor!

I also dislike the constant verbalization of "PTL" and "the Lord told me...."


Hello Mary Rose,

Found your blog! Yeay!

I had no idea you liked photogrsphy so much. I too am a photo-junkie, as well as Meredith, Kimberly's oldest girl at home. Mer and I talk about photography a lot.

It was nice to see you at the BBQ. I hope to get to know you better in the future, maybe at a Ladies Night Out-LNO!


Mary Rose said...

Angela, isn't that funny? Some of the funniest people I know are those who love the Lord the most. They are filled with joy! And I've known my share of priests who were pretty funny!

Krislynne! How great to 'see' you here! Yes, I'm a real photobug but I didn't want to come on too strong. Believe me, you'll probably soon see me with a camera! I love to take photos of nature, my husband, and I really want to take photos of gorgeous cathedrals. I do like St. Joseph's but really wish they hadn't moved the altar to the middle. But otherwise, that cathedral is gorgeous.

I also talked to Meredith about photography. :-)

Definitely looking forward to a LNO with you and the others. :-)

Motherhen said...

Heh, I thought I was the only one taking photos of "objects of beauty" like the turkey after it's cooked on and then the turkey carcass after we've demolished it! All for scrapbooking LOL

Anonymous said...

Mary Rose:

It was a joy to have you join the party...I hope we have many other such occasions to get to know one another better. Your observations regarding the way Catholics socialize are so accurate! I'm never more comfortable than those times I'm around the people who hold the same things so very dear.

Not to mention the fact we're one funny group of people! Thanks so much for adding to our fun...many blessings to you and yours!

surprisedbylunch said...

Mary Rose,
I am so terribly jealous of you! My family had the privledge of being part of “God’s favorite parish” for about two years. You are very unlikely to meet a more wonderful group of people ANYWHERE. (Believe me we’ve looked, three states in 2 years.) Oh and also Fr. Lutz is hilarious. Ask Kimberly about “The Hustle.”