Friday, June 20, 2008

Wrought's Going On?

Another creation.

I almost can't believe the "dumbing down" that went on at the US Bishops' Conference.

Bishop Donald Trautman, a longtime critic of the new translations, said the texts contain a number of "archaic and obscure" terms, pointing to words such as "wrought," "ineffable," and "gibbet." He further expressed concern that Joe and Mary Catholic could not understand such terms.
Wrought? They don't think most Catholics would understand the word wrought?

I think they'd be surprised.

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Elisabeth said...

Oh, Bilge! I'm sorry, but it's bishops like Donald Trautman who have helped contribute to - if not created - the liturgical mess we're in now!

Bad enough American education is being dumbed down like crazy - but for Heaven's sake (literally, come to think of it) - don't dumb down the Church's texts or the actions of the Sacred Liturgy!!!!!