Thursday, June 26, 2008

Raising Support: Sancta Missa Workshop for Laity on TLM

You may have noticed I added a Tip Jar on the left side. I am using all means possible in order to raise the funds needed to attend the Sancta Missa Workshop for Laity on The Latin Mass, held in Chicago, Illinois, August 25-29.

Chicago is about a six hour drive and an hour by air. I am asking around my parish if anyone is planning on attending. So far, no one else is going (and many have not heard of it).

Ever since I found out about this workshop a month ago, I knew I wanted to make every effort possible to attend. I have been extremely blessed to have nearby a parish which celebrates the "Gregorian Rite" several times a week. A Low Mass is offered Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9:00 AM, Thursday evening at 7:00 PM, the first Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM (Low Mass) and every Sunday at 9:00 AM (Solemn High Mass). I knew this was unusual when I started to notice that not only is the Gregorian Rite not offered in many dioceses, some are even actively blocking it. I realize I have in my own backyard an embarrassment of riches.

When I spoke to my parish priest about this workshop, he said, "I wish I had the time to give such a workshop myself!" He is very, very busy. Meanwhile, we have an active group of Una Voce and a solid group of people who cherish this beautiful Mass.

I am committed to not only attending, but taking copious notes (not to brag, but I take killer notes...), and then passing them onto my blog readers. For those who contribute, I want to do something extra special for them. I want to bring this information to both my family, my parish friends, my parish priest, my readers, and ultimately, my Castitas crew.

It is my goal to educate more young people about the Gregorian Rite. I'm not sure how God will work all of this out, but I know this burning desire in my heart is for a reason.

The registration price for the workshop is $600. I'm estimating that whether I drive or fly, it would be around $150. If you are able to contribute, mega-blessings be upon your head. Even if you're not able, please pray that I can attend this wonderful workshop. I think it's going to be an amazing time and I look forward to passing on everything I've learned to you. :-)

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