Saturday, June 28, 2008

Noteworthy Blogs: Catholic in Film School and Modestia

Rebecca Christian is a Catholic woman who is navigating the very challenging waters of filmmaking in Hollywood. In a word - oy! I think most of us know that Hollywood isn't known for treating the issue of faith in a positive way in most of the films they produce. Her blog is Catholic in Film School.

I love films. Before I was married, I used to frequent the art house in my hometown and watch the latest foreign flicks. I found they often had complex characters without all the violence and sex that is predominant in most American movies. But I do love the optimism of many American productions and in my eyes, nothing beats a good Tracy-Hepburn film for the sharp witty repertoire.

Rebecca also has a blog on a subject near and dear to my heart - modesty. Her other blog, Modestia, has the subtitle: Because You Can Be Modest and Fab Too. I love it! After a constant barrage of low riders and plunging necklines, it is truly a breath of fresh air to see a young woman rejecting sexual objectification and reclaiming this virtue that honors God and oneself.

I know Rebecca isn't new to the blogging world, but I wanted to point out her very interesting blogs. Glad to meet you, Rebecca!

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