Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Catechism

I posted this as a response on the Catholic Online Forum:

I've been pondering the whole Catechism thing the past few weeks. It made me realize how good it feels to have something stable. I've belonged to a few churches, but within those churches there has been a plethora of voices, each one focusing on a different aspect of our faith. Our faith is for sure, a huge undertaking. There are so many aspects of it - for instance, surrender to God, making Jesus Christ central in our lives, forgiveness, prayer and study of Scripture, etc. ,etc.

Although a Catholic parish can have a priest who is on fire for meditation, we still have the Catechism to guide us as we read the Bible and pray. We get a understanding from the Catechism that is refreshing and cuts through the personal bias of a pastor or elder. It is a standard and I for one am so grateful for it.

I don't think I appreciated what a gift the catechism is for us. So many churches "do their own thing." It can become confusing, especially if you have a ministry that is led by a person who is immature in their faith. (Some churches just grab someone to be a leader without much thought of their level of spiritual understanding.) The catechism keeps us on track.

I'm thinking of going through the catechism as a type of Bible study. I may post some thoughts here from time to time.

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