Monday, April 28, 2008

In Love with the Latin Mass

When I was falling in love with my husband, I was inspired to write sonnets to him. I have always written poetry ever since I've been a young girl, although never sent any for publication. It's just been my way of expressing my heart.

I was able to attend the Low form of the Latin Mass this morning. Even without the chanting or choir, it was still beautiful. My soul soared to heaven as I gave thanks to God for such abundant blessing. I thanked the priest afterward, saying that I knew there were many who would be happy enough to have a Latin Mass at their church once a month, let alone having the opportunity to attend one several times a week! He smiled and told me he was praying for more priests to help the parish so he could focus more on the Latin Mass.

Would you please say a prayer for Fr. L? I know he'd appreciate it.

Meanwhile, here is the sonnet I was inspired to write today:


Adrienne said...

Very nice sonnet.....

Our low Mass in Spokane was wonderful. It is new so they don't even have music so it was very quiet.

There is no reason the Ordinary Form cannot be as fruitful if done properly i.e. decent music and following the rubrics.

Lisa said...

Mary Rose ~ So enjoying your blog! This is a beautiful and touching sonnet. &:o)