Monday, April 14, 2008

The Latin Mass

I've been battling a cold for the past few days, which usually consists of drinking lots of water, sleeping more than usual, and watching TV, which in this case, was online reruns of the series, "Heroes." (Which I ended up liking.)

So, now I'm feeling better and up and running with thoughts on Catholicism.

I wasn't raised with the Latin Mass. I was born when Vatican II came along. But I'm really starting to investigate this ancient rite and curious about why others are attracted to it. Fr. Z's blog often talks about the Latin Mass and all the minutiae details involved. (I have no idea why it's important for the priest to hold the chalice with his forefinger and thumb pressed together.)

I'm so glad he mentioned the group, Una Voce. This is an organization that supports and promotes the Latin Mass, or Tridentine Mass. I've also heard it referred to as the Extraordinary Form. I think there are a few reasons why it's become popular again. First, there seems to be a great number of parishes who celebrate Mass in a very weird way. I've seen some things on YouTube that look like an old episode of "The Gong Show." Anything goes, it seems, as long as you have a priest willing to allow a few dance numbers into the processional. Why not?

Secondly, because there is such a hodge-podge of weirdness, the Latin Mass is a potent centralizing force. It seems to be helping people get centered on what has always been vital within the Mass - adoration of the Paschal sacrifice.

My large, metropolitan city has only has one church that celebrates the Latin Mass. So, for a city that has almost 700,000 folks, we have at least one place they can go to hear one. We also have an SSPX church but from what I've gathered, those guys aren't recognized by the Vatican.

If you'd like to leave a comment about why you love the Latin Mass so much, I would truly appreciate it. I'm still in my learning curve, here, and am honestly curious about the love for this type of Mass. I think I'm starting to get it, but I know I won't really know until I attend one for myself.


Angela M. said...

I've never been to a Latin Mass (well, maybe back in 1964 when I was an infant) and I probably never will because I live in a remote area of north-west Canada. However, should the occasion present itself I would go.

On the other hand a lot of people are attracted to the "show" aspect of it and they like their "accesories" such as rosaries, medals,mantillas, etc. We can fall into the ditch from either side of the road (which is actually a quote from Fr. Z.) if we get too smug in our thinking. NOT saying you are smug Mary Rose - you are not! - but over the past 5 years of reading blogs I have seen some people go off the deep end with the Latin Mass thing.

Acceptabis said...

There's a long (long!) thread at WDTPRS where Fr Zuhlsdorf invited people to leave just this sort of comment. You can find it here.

(Sorry this comment is a little late: I've just found your blog via The Hermeneutic of Continuity.)

God bless!

Mary Rose said...

Thank you, Acceptabis! That is a great thread. I'll read more later. It is very informative. :-)

Thank you also for visiting!