Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Two Pennies on WaPo Story

I try not to duplicate what others are talking about, but cannot help but comment on the WaPo article on younger people finding contentment with an orthodox Catholic faith.

We Live It Everyday

Carolina of The Crescat pointed out the nasty comments regarding the article. My, goodness. Someone (or some One) seems to have poked a few too hard. One of my favorite responses:

RedMeg wrote:
I'm floored by some of the comments on this thread. Has it ever occurred to you nay-sayers that those of us who joyfully embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church did so after much THOUGHT and RESEARCH? That it is *not* necessary to check one's brain at the door to believe and live out what the Church teaches?? Good grief, my husband would be the first to attest that I am not a meek, unquestioning little sheep. I have tested and tried the Faith, and rather than finding it lacking, I have found it very, very good. It is the truth, and that is a very compelling and attractive thing.

And while we're at it, most of the Catholics have large families are doing *that* thoughtfully, too. We have mortgages and grocery bills like everyone else, and we do take those into account when deciding (yes, deciding!) when/if to have that next baby. The fact that we do so without rupturing the God-designed connection between sex and fertility doesn't somehow make us irresponsible breeders. Sheesh.

Amen, RedMeg, whoever you are.

I cannot tell you how all of this amuses me to no end. I can't help but laugh at the seriousness of some of these people as they try in vain to defend their lackluster faith.

If it hasn't been evident before now, I am a conservative through and through. That means I'm into: modesty, personal responsibility, no freeloading from the government, (while we're at it, small government), absolute truth, hard work, marriage between a husband and wife, pro-life, family, chastity, celibacy before marriage, respecting authority, and last but not least - benchmarks from the church.

I mentioned on Fr. Z's blog that I was reading Colleen Carroll's book, The New Faithful: Why Young Adults are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy. You know why there's an attraction? Because more and more younger people are tired of the soft religion that demands nothing from them. Sliding into a church "when you feel like it" and doing good "when you feel like it" is nothing more than selfish humanism with a religious sticker slapped on it. You're not doing God any favors. In fact, you're doing yourself a grave disservice with such a lazy attitude toward things that are holy and divine.

I can't help but wonder if some of the commenters on that article have the slightest clue about holiness. I daresay that when one is truly in the presence of Jesus Christ - The Way, The Truth, and The Life - you can't afford to be blithe and laissez-faire about such a thing. Nope.

Believe me, you'll be wrapping your forehead against the pew and asking for forgiveness over, and over again...

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