Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rational Smashin' All

That WaPo article that I blogged about below has stayed with me, particularly the comments that spoke about being "rational." As though a devotional religious life is anything but rational.

They may have a point, but as someone else said - who cares? Here's what I find ironic:

Many people who accuse devout Catholics as being "irrational" with their beliefs have no trouble chasing after all the other Eastern mysticism that is out there. (Buddhism, Eastern meditation, Yoga, etc., etc.)

There is, for sure, a love of the mind in our world. We look at those who have alphabet letters after their names as being somewhat ahead of the game. We assume they're so much smarter and as a result, so much more spiritually mature. Some of us already know this isn't true, but still - others will sneer at a poor woman's simple faith while lauding a professor.

You know, the more I think of it, the more I realize that all of my heroes are or were simple people. Simple people who loved the Lord and served Him with all of the heart. Does that mean we need to check our brains at the door? Of course not - but tell me, why such a focus on the rational to begin with?

Since I'm an analytical gal anyway, I'll bite. ;-)

I think people feel comfortable when they think they've got God figured out. The scary thing is when they realize He is much, much bigger than they ever thought. It's an awesome experience when you realize that He is big. So monumentally huge. And yet He in His infinite love gave us His only Son so that we may have full communion with Him now and forever. He also loves us so much that He's willing to allow us to play in our brains for a bit, trying to understand concepts like eternity and sacrifice. But then through the Holy Spirit, He will swoop in and leave us totally cuckoo with love and adoration for Him. Just ask St. Teresa of Avila. That woman was mad with love for Him.

But we're so afraid of looking too religious, too devout. What will people think? She's lost her mind for sure...try to keep her away from sharp objects... Yah, yah.

The older I get, the more I am prefering devout over someone thinking I'm so rational. Come to think of it, rational can get real boring, real fast.

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