Friday, April 18, 2008

Catholic Identity Musing #1

I referenced a number because I suspect I'm going to be covering this topic frequently. Last night's "Coming Home" session still has me thinking about Catholic identity. I got the sense from that nun that she didn't think much of what Rome had to say about many things. She even boldly confessed that although she can't make a formal statement about what she believes regarding taking communion if there are sacramental conflicts, she pushes her view every chance she gets within small groups.

So basically, she is rebelling against authority, which isn't so unusual given her age and the cultural mores of her day. I understand, but I so badly wanted to say, "So how have such attitudes helped the Church? How has such attitudes helped other Catholics who want to do the right thing?" She talked about an "informed conscience" but I have some very serious concerns about people who think that something isn't a problem simply because they deem it so.

I'm still reading the book, The New Faithful by Colleen Carroll. Thank God for this girl. It has comforted me greatly to discover that others are seeking orthodoxy and are frustrated with the "anything goes" approach to religion. Standards exist for a reason. They bring unity, security, and they bring peace to the soul.

I liken it to a child's desire for discipline. Sure, they may yell and put up a struggle; but ultimately they want the boundaries. We feel safe when we know what they are and God has certainly placed boundaries in our faith for good reason. Not that I think we need to understand everything - far from it. There is a mystery to our faith and "faith" is very much a part of it. How can we ever comprehend the incomprehensible? God is vast, like a huge ocean of holiness and grace, love and judgement, sacrifice and benevolence...I could go on and on. Jesus said if we know Him, we will know His Heavenly Father. I am thrilled to see the Catholic church focusing more than ever on knowing Him. And I believe we can know Jesus Christ more through the Sacraments.

I'm still thinking and feeling my way through this. I joined a Catholic forum today and look forward to discussing such topics there. I need input or at the very least, something to wash out the bad taste left in my mouth from last night's milquetoast session with the Nun-Who-Also-Is-A-Minister.



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