Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Come As You Are"

I remember years ago, when I was involved with a non-denominational church, embracing fully their welcoming motto: Come As You Are.

I remember the underlying thoughts behind that phrase. Come as you are, dressed casually in your torn jeans and Depeche Mode t-shirt. Come as you are and be unafraid of any talk of damnation or sin. Come as you are and be comfortable with the popular and talented worship team, the small groups of sci-fi geeks and serious cyclists, the big screen TV's lighting up an impersonal huge auditorium. Settle in for an intelligent discussion of faith and hey! Don't forget to bring your customized cup o' joe in here with you!

Is it just me or have we lost an appreciation for the sacred? Or perhaps lost an appreciation for "scared?"

I remember a class at a Presbyterian church where we watched the video series by R.C. Sprouls called "The Holiness of God." It was scary. God in all His Might and Power. Confronting us. Challenging us. Humbling us. Yep. Scary.

I don't think we're being scared by the right things. I've heard plenty about terrorists and the vile, brutal acts they perpetrate upon society, but what about our Holy God? His Son? The Seraphim? When the Holiness of God is touched, people die. When the Holiness of God passes by, the body can turn to stone. When the Holiness of God comes, the "you are" is left shaking in its boots.

I am filled with joy and not a little terror by the thoughts of where I am being led on my journey. I know I hunger for God once again but this time, it isn't an attempt to bring Him down to my level, but to be lifted up to His.

And that, I know, will be an awesome, terror/joy-filled experience indeed.

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