Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Help A Nun Out: A Hysterical Find

I happened upon Sister Mary Martha's blog and saw she had an Etsy site. Whoa, baby. Now you're talkin'.

Etsy is an online craft mall without all the annoying crowds. I work with one gal who sells scrapbook kits and knew of another who created cute decorative dolls. (Don't ask me who because now I forget and Etsy is huge.)

So I checked out Sister Mary Martha's Etsy store, Heaven Help Us, and....oh, my. Be prepared to laugh. Out loud. Hard. Her stuff is quintessentially Catholic but also funny with a capital HA!

I'll probably eventually buy something. I just don't know what it will be. There are so many saints to choose from! And my life could certainly use a battalion of saints right now.


Elisabeth said...

Financial security with pocket change, not dollar bills? giggle

joannaB73 said...

I actually needed cheering up tonight and this did the trick. But actually she also some very serious and thought provoking reading too.

Mary Rose said...

Laura - Isn't it a hoot? I love that Etsy site and all the descriptions. I couldn't read them all but thought I'd save some for another time. Right now I want everything!

Joanna - I am very glad your spirits were lifted. He does have a wonderful sense of humor! :-)