Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Step Backwards?

I'm back from the Windy City conference and raring to go with my business. However, I still had some ideas come to me while away from home. One of them was the idea that the Gregorian Rite (or Extraordinary Form Mass) was criticized by some who say it is a "step backwards" for the church.

I pondered this thought. Suddenly, I realized that for many younger people; it isn't a "step backward" because there is no "backward" for them. They don't remember the Traditional Latin Mass. They don't remember hearing Gregorian chant or receiving the Eucharist while kneeling. It's all "new" to them.

It would seem that most of the ones complaining are those who were raised with this Mass when they were young. And they wanted change.

Well, guess what? The young still desire change. And many of them see that change in the form of experiencing something they've never experienced before - the Traditional Latin Mass.

I don't look at the resurgence of the Gregorian Rite as a "step backward" at all, but a step forward to remember the foundation of the Catholic church. I am so thankful for Pope Benedict XVI and all he is doing to remind us of what a treasury of faith we've been given. We are blessed.

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