Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Language and "Gaydinistas"

I'm playing with words, myself.

Years ago, I was highly amused when Rush Limbaugh coined a new name for the angry, male-hating women of the "Baby Boomer" generation: the "Feminazis."

Today we have another group that has grown in political clout, powered by their own brand of hate. I sort of like the "gaydinistas." Like the early "Sandinista" regime that attempted to bring Marxism to Nicaragua, the "gaydinistas" are attempting to overpower the government and dismantle any remaining Judeo-Christian tradition that still influences our culture today.

I forgot to tell a story in my last post and thought it especially relevant after reading Jeff Miller's post about the new California politically-correct marriage licenses.

When I was giving workshops for single women who wanted to find love, I named the presentation, "5 Ways to Find a Husband After 40." I gave this presentation to local libraries and adult learning centers. One library invited me to be a part of their Fall program. The assistant library manager was very excited about it and intrigued with my concept.

Two weeks before I was to speak, she contacted me. She sheepishly told me that she had to "disinvite" me from the program. Why?

She explained that during a library committee meeting, she had submitted her list of upcoming speakers, which included me. When she mentioned the topic, one of the committee members loudly proclaimed that no such workshop was going to be given at their library. (It is interesting to me that no one requested my notes. So there was no rejection of the content since they had none. The rejection occurred simply from the title alone.)

I chuckled a bit when this poor woman was explaining the situation. I asked, "Tell me, I'm just curious - is this woman a feminist?" The assistant librarian said, "Yes." Then I asked, "Is she married?" I could hear the wry smile on the other end. "Um, no she isn't. Actually, she's a lesbian."

Gee. Color me shocked.

I told the woman it wasn't a complete surprise but ironic that she thought by banning me, it would ban women from wanting to get married and (gasp!) have a husband. I said it was also ironic that any glance in the self-help department of any library would show book after book on how to find love and get married. Husband and wife is usually the names married people call each other.

But be warned - this will not be allowed to continue unchallenged. If same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land, you can say goodbye to all those Hallmark cards that declare a Valentine's love for a husband or wife.

They'll start to declare love to "Party A" or "Party B."

My Darling Party A, my life was one big non-event before I met you...

Hmmm. Maybe I can make some money doing this...

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Elisabeth said...

I wish you could get a bit more press on this one, and let the Christian people of California get up a good head of steam... although it sure looks and feels as if they're either sadly overrun and outnumbered, and possibly asleep at the wheel. sigh.