Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Doing a Little Renovatin'

I can't help myself. If there are options, I must play with them. I designed another Header image. I don't know why Blogger limits the width to 718 ppi, but they do. Then they put a stupid box around it to make it look like it's not sized correctly.

So....I discovered how to remove the box. Ahhhh...much better.

And for those wondering, the photo is from my parish and yes, that is Fr. Jonathan Romanowski celebrating the Gregorian Rite. (A Low Mass. It was, as always, awesome.)

Do we have a gorgeous altar, or what?!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely header, Mary Rose!

Do we have a gorgeous altar? Indeed!

Gorgeous altar, gorgeous sanctuary, incredible parishioners and the best priest this side of heaven!!

Lynne said...

Dittos to the beautiful header and altar! And I'm sure the priest and parishioners are wonderful too...