Thursday, July 3, 2008

Noteworthy Blogs - Mater de Mercede

I am enjoying Facebook because I'm meeting some of the most interesting folks. One of them is a a Mercedarian friar. The friars have a group blog, Mater de Mercede, and it is full of honesty regarding living a life of sacrifice. Here is a snippet from the latest entry:

Many, I think, take an overly external approach to the Evangelical Counsels and neglect the internal aspect that is necessary in the faithful living out of the vows. Then, again, others emphasize the interiorization of the vow to the detriment of the vow-as-sign to the world. In this latter case, we see the evidence of religious exercising 'poverty' by living in their own apartments, driving the newest car, wearing the newest fashions -- all to be "with" the people. The key, the balance, is to have both -- interior and exterior. Though, the interiorization of the vow is first, since we cannot authentically live the vow unless we first have the spirit.

Deep stuff, eh? How I love it!

I'd like to especially highlight this blog because I have no idea if you are considering a vocation. If so, I pray you will visit the friars' blog and pursue God for this very special calling. It is a gift you have been given so that you may give it back to God, who then multiplies it to the world.

God bless you, Mercedarian Friars. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful reflections.

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