Thursday, July 3, 2008

Noteworthy Modesty Clothing Site: Christa-Taylor

If anything makes me wish I was younger, it's viewing these types of sites - fashionable clothing that is attractive and modest!

I discovered a new modest clothing site, Christa-Taylor. The clothing is very cute and...dare I say it...ladylike. I'm an old-school fan of ladylike. If you watch films like "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and any Frank Capra movie, you get the idea of how women back then knew how to dress like ladies but yet still conveyed a sense of mystery and yes, sensuality. It wasn't overt, but the subtle kind of sensuality that tells everyone that this lady knows she is attractive but isn't using it like a weapon.

If you know of any young women who are trying to find modest clothing, I'd say this site is a place you'd definitely would want to visit.

Mega blessings to you, Christa!


Chris said...

WOW, this is very cool! :D
I don't know if I qualify as "young" but I am always trying to find dresses that aren't sleeveless and they have quite a few. And they are UNfrumpy!

Mary Rose said...

Glad I could provide a connection, Chris. :-)

Yes, they are pretty rockin', in my humble ole opinion.

Chris said...

um, yeah- I AM too old! Or at least too fat! :D
Oh well, it's good to know that places like that exist. I do have a daughter. ;D