Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Advent Update

Thank you for those who responded to my request on how to properly enter into the Advent season. One of my Plurk friends said that "celebrate" may be the wrong word. Advent is to be a time of penitentiary reflection as we anticipate acknowledging the birth of Christ. That makes sense and an important consideration as I head into this season with new eyes.

I found a great site, courtesy of Fr. Z's mention and thought I'd share it:

If you have an iPhone, you can buy the app for .99, which looks to be quite a deal. I like the site. Very rich, artistic-wise.

May we all enter into this holy season with humble hearts as we ponder the magnificence of God's love and provision.

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*Linda Pinda* said...

Hi Mary Rose :)

I know Advent is a penitential season, but unlike lent it is a more "positive" (for lack of a better word) joyful season. The focus of the 4 weeks is on Jesus' coming and that is indeed something to celebrate... not in the secular "hoo ha" kind of celebrating, but in the reverent enthusiasm of one longing to be with their beloved who is on the way! That's the whole deal with the 3rd week being "Gaudette" Sunday... meaning "Rejoice"!!!

Just as we celebrate the sacrifice of the mass, we celebrate this sacred season of holy anticipation.

It is so important to step back and not "party" the way the rest of the world is "celebrating" the season. But our quiet reflection and little mortifications can bring us into a joyful celebration much deeper than what the world has to offer. It is surely a more stark time. Stripping away alot of the usual "stuff" to better focus on preparing our hearts. Our parish often does not play music for the closing hymn and we all exit in silent reflection, etc.

So... YES! "REPENT"!!! But celebrate too, for our Lord has come! And He is coming again.

For me, Advent is a gift not only given by my church... but a gift I give myself. I treasure these four weeks.

Love... *Linda*