Thursday, November 6, 2008

The True 'Nameless, Faceless' People

I used to hear the phrase, "nameless, faceless generation" often within the prophetic circles. The idea was that God was raising up a generation who would be "nameless and faceless" as they went about, performing miracles and preaching the Gospel. It captured the imagination of the younger people as they pursued a deeper commitment to God.

But I had to wonder how realistic such a proclamation could be, since the very leaders of the prophetic movement were so prominent. Stoking the fires of fame, I saw men and women jockey for positions of greater exposure. Not exactly the poster kids for a "nameless, faceless" generation.

Here's a real example of "nameless, faceless." A group of dedicated Catholic laymen got together to collect and catalogue audio recordings of homilies, available on the site, Audio Sancto. This is good stuff. Really good. It is pure meat and believe me, you'll be chewing on some of the teachings days after hearing them.

But, no names are given. None. The reason? Here is what the website says:
The priests you hear in the recordings on this website are Catholic Priests, in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome, incardinated with normal faculties and jurisdiction, and serving in North America.

Because they have duties and responsibilities as priests to care for the souls of the Faithful entrusted to them. By remaining unidentified, their attention for their flock won't be divided by folks outside of their parish who might seek them out for questions rather than going to their local priests. (Wow. That is the most excellent reason for remaining anonymous than anything I've ever seen.) Moreover, the message they happen to be preaching -- the Catholic Faith -- is what is important, not the human beings who are preaching it. (!!!)

Some of you may have no idea how utterly radical this is - to have these teachings available for free! Most Evangelicals and Charismatic types would be chomping at the bit to figure out how to make a buck from such recordings. My former ministry is charging for podcasts and many well-known radio personalities do the same, allowing "members" access to their files online for a specific amount of money. And of course there are tantalizing bits strewn throughout a website's home page blaring, "Become a Member Now! Get Access to the Exclusive Babblings of This Person! Only $199 per Year! Whatta Deal!"

As some younger people are into expecting "free" music online, I gravitate toward free teaching. I'm an information junkie but one type of information should not be for sale when it is so easily obtainable online - and that is Christian audio recordings. I don't have a problem with a donation button, but don't make anyone pay to hear the Word of God. I can only imagine what St. Paul would be saying to some of these practices.

So, check out Audio Sancto. And I'm even going to 'brand' them:

Audio Sancto: Real Spiritual Nourishment for Tough Times.



owenswain said...

Mary Rose, while I cut back on my blog reading...yours remains on the list.

I grew so tired of hearing again and again the promises and "prophecies" that never seemed to come to pass but that were so ambiguous it was easy to pretend it might be seen in this or that, so vague and then along comes the next batch putting slightly different words to the same old same old and selling it (sometimes literally) as something new.

I love being Catholic because so often, truly, I see things being lived out that before were only words and more words.

Adrienne said...

Ok - I'm impressd and I haven't even had a chance to listen yet --- but soon! Thanks for the heads up!

*Linda Pinda* said...

Oh, That was GREAT!

:)... *Linda*

Mary Rose said...

Owen, I am deeply honored. Thank you and I'm so very glad you're Catholic. You've been such an inspiration to me. :-)

Adrienne, great! It's an awesome site!

Linda, it is. So much solid food at that site. I'm thrilled someone at church introduced me to it!