Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Roller Coaster

I'm not going to be able to stay up to view the entire results but this race is tighter than many predicted. I don't see a landslide and didn't think we would to begin with. (I was wrong.) So much has happened over the past two years and our country has seemingly split into two distinct groups. One side wants the government to provide more benefits and confiscate more wealth while the other side wants smaller, less intrusive government and would like to keep whatever wealth they can earn.

Nevertheless, as Christians, we are not defined by whoever occupies the White House. If Sen. Obama is chosen, I have a feeling that we as the Bride of Christ will have an amazing opportunity to glorify His name. It was because the early Church was persecuted that it grew so quickly. Those precious saints who were martyred, nourished the harvest fields with their blood. No matter who wins, we should persevere in standing up for the Culture of Life and "speak truth to power" in love.

Nothing is accomplished by hate and division weakens a country. I feel strangely jubilant over the prospect of Obama winning. First, I relish waking up each day deliriously happy because I'm a child of God. Second, I look forward to seeing how Obama handles the reins of leadership and if he does what I think he'll do - the reaction of all those who thought he was such a good idea.

And third, because God is ultimately in charge and can change the heart of a king. (Pro. 21:1)

I told my husband that I intended on living my life in obedience to God and each day was filled with choices, many of them having nothing to do with whoever was President. I don't think that those who don't care for Obama will ever reach the level of visceral hatred that many have had for Bush. A name was coined for that hatred: BDS. Or, Bush Derangement Syndrome. These were the people who could not be happy for one second because everything was President Bush's fault. Everything. They woke up miserable and went to bed miserable. Poor saps. Now who will they blame for their unhappiness?

I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say conservatives aren't whiners. They pick themselves up by their own bootstraps because that's what their parents taught them to do. I had a hard-working father and a devoted mother who taught me to never feel sorry for myself and never to give up, to always try my best. My ancestors on my father's side were hardy German farmers. My ancestors on my mother's side were hard-working immigrants who at first were migrant workers. I am blessed to have their blood run through my veins.

Conservatives are going to keep on truckin', no matter what. There's no time to waste. For those of us who are also Christian, we know our trust is in God and He watches over us. Whatever lies in the future, we can rest assured that He will give us whatever strength we need to not only handle it, but overcome through the power of the Holy Spirit.

So, with that, I go to bed and will rest peacefully in His arms, who embrace all those who are called by His name; knowing that underneath the shadow of His wings, is refuge. (Ps. 57:1)


owenswain said...

A sane post. A reasoned voice. Thanks for that as we will hear all kinds of virulent stuff in the days ahead from too many Christians.

*Linda Pinda* said...

Wonderful reflections my friend. Although I am heartbroken for all the unborn whose right to life will be ignored during this administration, I know that our journey continues in love and light. Anger and bitterness have no place in a Christian heart. I am sad. I'll get over it. We are called to be Light, Salt, and Levening. Those are my "marchin' orders" and I'm stickin' to em'

;)... *Linda*

everyonecounts said...

Your friend Linda says there is no anger and bitterness in a Christian's heart and I believe that. Also, there is no judgement and vengeance either.

However, you say:

"Second, I look forward to seeing how Obama handles the reins of leadership and if he does what I think he'll do - the reaction of all those who thought he was such a good idea."

Sounds to me like you are hoping and (probably) praying that he will fail...and then, in turn, you and your Christian soldiers will look better. However, if he does succeed, none of the Christians who speak the way you do will say "I was wrong." Instead, you'll turn the other way and pretend as if nothing happened.

No, most conservatives are whiners...and by whining I mean they never say, "poor me." Not at all. More often than not, they point out the faults of those who do not agree with them (ie. liberals). If you asked someone why they were voting for Obama, they would respond with why they liked him. If you asked someone why they were voting for McCain and they would retaliate with why Obama wasn't qualified....and why is that?

Mary Rose said...

everyone counts, a few things:

1) Never assume anything about me. You may read my posts and think you know me, but that would be a huge leap. I don't know you and I will try not to make the same mistake.

2) I am not "praying" for Obama to fail. My comment meant that many people voted this guy in as the "anti-Bush" choice. Obama made them "feel hopeful" again but yet was very clear on raising taxes. If he does keep these promises (especially the lovely idea of having a civil "army"), then when those who voted for him suddenly feel exploited or used - THAT is what will be interesting to see.

3) If he turns out to be a good president, I'll be the first to say so and will vote for him in 2012. However, I highly doubt that he will be that good.

Finally, unfortunately, politics has become a blood-sport. What most conservatives have done (from the responses I've heard and read), have been attacking the issues with reasoned thought. If they are pointing out faults, it is usually with the line of reasoning or pointing out weaknesses in someone's position. Most conservatives (and Ann Coulter is definitely not in this category) do not attack the person. They attack the idea.

This is called civilized debate and if one can't bring a strong, defensible position to the table, they shouldn't have even come. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but not everyone has an educated opinion.

McCain has decades of experience. Obama has 143 days of Senate experience. That's it. He has never been governor, let alone a mayor - so he has never really been in charge of anything. If you think the role of the President is to fly around the world and meet with dignitaries, you're mistaken. It is so much more. Layers upon layers of delegated power but if the person at the top doesn't have a clue how to direct all those who are under him, then it can get real messy, real fast.

For the record, I know many Catholics voted for McCain because of his position on pro-life issues. They voted against Obama for his diametrically opposed stances on abortion. There is also the issue of higher taxes and larger government. There is the issue of defense and the military.

Having all our enemies rooting for Obama to win should also have been a huge red flag to voters. However, the "Blama America First" crowd didn't care.

Be careful what you wish for.

everyonecounts said...

I'm not presuming to know you. I'm merely interpreting what you wrote and commenting on it.

Again, you are seemingly hoping that Obama will fail as President to see what his supporters will do. You think it would be "interesting" to see them in distress or at least that's what it sounds like. What a pity that would be...because if he fails, he doesn't just fail for his supporters. He fails for everyone. Including you.

You do realize Obama was state legislator from 1997 - 2004, right? And he was sworn in as Senator in 2005? Maybe I should list the numerous committees he has held seats on, such as Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Homeland Security, European Affairs...and the list goes on...He has plenty of experience. Not to mention, he is eloquent, sincere and trustworthy.

Just because a Presidential Candidate was never a soldier or is a free thinker, doesn't make him a poor leader. We could discuss the fact that John McCain had so many houses that he couldn't report an accurate number? How does someone like that relate to the American people? Then, he picks a running mate who merely pushes her religious beliefs on the entire nation. A woman who has never been to NYC. A woman with no experience. He completely blew his most important decision. Picking her.

I would have to agree that conservatives are merely pointing out weaknesses in someone's position, but you just proved my point. To answer the question as to why you chose McCain should not be a list of negatives for Obama. It should be a list of positives for McCain. Conservatives are all the same...pushy, domineering and defensive. I have yet to meet one who can have an educated conversation.

We've seen things as a nation get messy real fast when Bush took office. Things will only get better from here.

History often repeats itself and it's looking like the Great Depression all over again. And who got this nation into the Great Depression? Republicans. And who pulled this nation out of it? Democrats.

Some Catholics need to stop pushing their beliefs on others and let people live their own lives. Obama opposes abortion because he knows it's none of his business...especially with all the debate when "life" actually begins. Christians need to realize that there are several other religions living, growing and functioning in this nation and for you to push your beliefs on them is intolerable.

What's wrong with taxes??? Taxes pay for schools, police officers, hospitals, communities and schools. Taxes are always raised...no matter who's in office. And I'm sure if McCain got in office and the war continued, your taxes would go up for that too.

*Linda Pinda* said...

"Obama opposes abortion because he knows it's none of his business..."

Dear everyonecounts:
It's none of his business? If it's not the business of a United States senator, congressman, or president to uphold the United States Constitution and protect the RIGHT TO LIFE, then whose is it?

Please do not conform to the spineless argument that no one knows when life begins. You know as I do and everyone else in this country that if that fetus is not murdered it will contine to live.

Want to base it all on science? Then any abortion done after 18 days when the heart begins to beat is a legal atrosity according to science and law, not religion.

Our constiution GUARANTEES our Right To Life.

Your very weak argument would also then be used to say that it is none of President Elect Obama's business to defend our right to pursue happiness, thus he should disregard the financial crisis. Oh... and Liberty! None of his business. Let us accuse anyone of anything and imprison, execute, and lynch anyone for any reason.

None of his business right?

There is no more pertinent business of the highest office in this land than to uphold the constitution and the Rights to LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why is it you think only the latter 2 are the business of our politicians?

Would you elect a man or woman who said they have no financial plan because finances are the responsibility of the individual? Would you elect a man or woman who said they will disband our judicial system because liberty is not their business?

Ludicrous, right?

Why then is the upholding and defending life of your fellow Americans not the business of the president?

The right to life...

Please pray about this my friend. Legalizing the prevention of life is the most destructive action ever taken in this country and it clearly, clearly is unconstitutional.

The very fact that President Elect Obama is the first elected president of the United States to recieve a public Congratulations from the leader of Iran since their revolution is telling of our concerns. I'm sure many terrorist leaders are looking forward to their new respected place at the global table.

Perhaps President Elect Obama is right. Perhaps it it right to invite those who fly planes into our buildings and wish our citizens dead to discuss compromises without any guidelines.

President Elect Obama also said it's a new world and we need to look ahead. He said the cold war was over. Did you like the state-of-the-nation speech given by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev? Feels a little "chilly" to me.

I stand behind Barack Obama as my president and I do hope and pray that America will only grow in financial prosperity, security, and brotherhood in our global community. I will never stop fighting for the rights of the unborn, as I had to do even under Republican presidents.

No matter what ever happens, you will never hear an "I told you so" from me. But I do promise you, that even if every conservative suspicion, fear, or educated concern comes to fruition... I will continue to fight for your right to life too.

Because make no mistake about it... that is what the pro-life movement is about. Not just abortion... but ALL LIFE.

And even if the rest of the world decides your life is not worth it, we Catholics will never abandon you, or your constitutional right to life.