Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yes, I'm On Twitter

As you can see from the left, I added a Twitter gadget to my blog. Yes, I'm finally on Twitter but still wondering if this is going to be a good thing or not. I've heard how people have become addicted to it. I like the Facebook updates and usually check in with my friends page as soon as I log in.

Twitter...well, I don't have a cell phone. (Not yet, at any rate.) So I wasn't sure why I should add it to my life. Then Donna-Marie sent me an email saying she is now on Twitter. I know a few others who use it, including my boss. So, I've decided to try it.

Add me and I'll add you, if you're doing it!


Elisabeth said...

I've just signed up, but ONLY because you have done it. I just HATE to be behind good friends! I sent you a notice...

I only have one question - what the heck do ya DO with the silly thing???

Jeff Miller said...

Your twitter gadget doesn't actually show your twitter feed or your account name to others.

I'm at


I like Plurk better than twitter but simultaneously post to both. Plurk allows threaded comments and we have a good Catholic community there.

owenswain said...

I have a twitter account but haven't really used it. I have people I don't even know "following" me. I very rarely post.

I wonder that my blogging isn't vain enough without something else. Also, there's the time factor. I have a FB account too but really very rarely us it. I simply use my full name in both places if you care to look me up but again, I don't do much at either.

Plurk, never heard of it and wonder for the same reasons as above if I should - though now I know about it I will probably at least have a look see.

Mary Rose said...

Laura, it's sort of like the Facebook profile where you say what you're doing at that moment. That's pretty much it. It's a way for people to stay connected and send tiny slices of info to each other. So it could be what you're doing, or a link to a cool site you just found. Only thing: go to the Tiny URL site to shrink a long URL since you only get 140 characters for your message.

Jeff, thank you. I've not found a good widget yet from Blogger. I forgot about the logging out part. I wonder what would happen if I logged in but shut down the computer. Would it still show me as logged in?

I'm going to have to check Plurk. I'm all for Catholic community!

I'm not sure if this is a Gmail thing, but as soon as I signed up, I was automatically added as a follower to The Curt Jester, Owen, and another guy on my Gmail account. I thought that was interesting.

Owen, I follow you! But I can understand your thoughts. I joined mainly because my boss is on it and he's into all this social media jazz. I get a kick out of it in some ways. I always love to make new Catholic friends online, too.

My user name is MRMaguire, so I guess it's

Unknown said...

Mary Rose,
If all we're doing is logging in and telling the world what we're doing - isn't that rather a tempest about a teapot? LOL

Helen H. David said...

Hi I thought maybe your Twitter widget would let me add you, but no. So now my feed is in your widget. Sorry! I like your blog. My titter user name (in case the feed disappears, hopefully) is hhdavid565.

Helen H. David said...

Found the log out button on your widget, thank goodness!