Thursday, November 13, 2008

Keep An Eye On This One: High School Coaches and Prayer

Well, it didn't take long before the ACLU decided it had enough political power to fill the bully pulpit. The ACLU, long the tireless foe of Christianity, is now picking on high school coaches. And to be clear - this coach in particular is not praying with the students. No. He is simply standing silently by as they pray and is bowing his head out of respect.

But the ACLU will have none of this "respect" mumbo-jumbo. I mean, where on earth would this country be if we didn't have to put up with such insanity as respecting the rights of individuals to follow their own conscience? I mean, really. That school should know better.

/Sarcasm Off.

The story:

John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute says the school's policy would nullify a tradition that has been part of the high school's pre-game routine for the last 25 years.

"But in our case, all Coach Borden wanted to do was to bow his head silently as the students prayed in the locker room -- sometimes what they call 'take an eagle.' They'd go down on one knee, and he's standing outside behind the circle of players," he explains. "He's not influencing them. He's just listening and really just doing what coaches have done -- since Knute Rockne, by the way."

The Institute won on a lower level, but the ACLU convinced the school district to appeal. "It's a very important case. We've had a lot of people file briefs on our behalf," Whitehead adds. "I think the Supreme Court's going to hear this case. It's going to really set the tone for what can be done in public schools." (Yes. If the ACLU succeeds in silencing silent prayer, they have crossed over into The Twilight Zone. It is absolutely beyond the pale to imagine anyone having a problem with someone bowing their head out of respect, but the ACLU proves yet again how they don't mind trampling on the rights of American citizens.)

Whitehead believes this policy, if it stands, will strip high school teachers and coaches across the nation of their First Amendment and academic rights.

I am starting to get really, really angry with these people. Don't be surprised if I suddenly pop up on a TV newscast with my very own protest movement against atheism.

To close on a lighter note - I got a chuckle out of the Catholic News Agency's headline:

Humanist association launches ad campaign for lonely humanists

Yeah, it's a lonely world when you disown God...


Elisabeth said...

White martyrdom is here. Red martyrdom fast approaches, I feel.

Leanna said...

This is horrifying.

Janny said...

Horrifying it may be, but as long as we sit around telling each other how horrifying it is and doing nothing about it, the cancer that is this nation's current and future culture will continue to grow. We need to be public with our protests and we need to be loud about them...and we need to be much, much louder in prayer. :-)