Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Perfect Daybook

I'm aiming to have one perfect day per week. Maybe I'll work myself up to two!

My perfect day happened on... Saturday, November 29, 2008

What made me laugh was ... when Kevin, a recent member of my husband's ukulele group, after hearing about our small half-bathroom said, "Well, I wasn't going to need a full bath, anyway..." He is a pretty funny guy!

I felt really good when ... the ukulele group played my husband's own song, "Blue Waters."

What surprised me was ... one person who brought a six-pack and drank at least four of them. Never would have thought he was a fast drinker!

The reason it was perfect was ... my husband was so happy to finally host the ukulele group. Just watching him laugh and enjoy himself was worth all the hard work of preparing for it.

The part I like to savor is ... my husband coming up to me after the last guest left with this big smile like a little boy who just got what he wanted for Christmas!

I felt like a success when ... everyone enjoyed my appetizers!

I ate ... a wonderful Greek cheese torte ball (feta cheese, cream cheese, spinach, seasoning, sun-dried tomatoes in the middle and then crushed pistachio nuts on top), humus dip, veggies with ranch dip.

I drank ... sweet iced tea and later, a glass of White Merlot.

I enjoyed ... the sound of five people playing their ukuleles and singing...and laughing, then trying again.

I give thanks to God for ... having people in our lives with shared interests and my husband being able to just play and have fun.

My "Kodak" moment. This isn't from Saturday but taken from a photo session Mickey did on his own about two years ago. He has another ukulele, now. (actually two, but who's counting?!):

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