Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Video: You Are a Garden

I created two more videos, which is actually one teaching. (I was better in keeping each segment closer to the allotted 10 minutes...)

In these videos, I discuss how a single woman is to guard her heart and look at herself as something precious. God is cultivating us in many ways and for a woman desiring marriage, He doesn't want just anyone tramping about the garden. :-)

I shot the videos in a different location, which may work better watching me sit behind a computer!

I hope you enjoy them.

Video One

Video Two


Unknown said...

Beautiful thoughts in your videos there but very outdated for the post Anita Hill world where men following your advice could be indicted for harrassment.

Remember, "it isn't the nature of the evidence but the seriousness of the charge."
I'm all for purity but the days of women playing hard to get, of saying they're not interested when they are etc are OVER. Like it or not, they have to show the initiative until some man successfully sues a gal.

Keep up the excellent work

Mary Rose said...

Your last line gave me a chuckle... "until some man successfully sues a gal."

I do not advocate "playing hard to get." I do believe a woman should not pursue a man, though. Signaling interest to an eligible young man is not difficult to do. What is difficult is to refrain from toppling over the coffee table in an effort to get the guy's number.

Thanks for the kind words and your visit. :-)