Thursday, June 12, 2008

Latin Mass Poll

To the left, you'll see a poll for those who love the Tridentine Mass. This is also called the Extraordinary Form Mass and it's the one which was celebrated more frequently before Vatican II.

I know Fr. Zuhlsdorf had an entry last August for those who attended a Tridentine Mass. He wanted to specifically hear from those who were not raised with this Mass and if they were hooked right away or not. From the responses, it seemed many were not hooked right away. I was.

I'm just curious if there is any connection between those of us who are hooked and our love for anything having to do with the Medieval or Renaissance period.

On the other hand, I could just be weird.


Anonymous said...

...and Renaissance music (Byrd, Lassus, Palestrina, Ockeghem, Josquin de Prez, etc.)!

In Christ,

Mary Rose said...

I forgot about Renaissance music, but that definitely goes along with everything else!

I'm just starting to learn about motets. :-)

joannaB73 said...

I like the Latin Mass for special occasions like our day of Our Lady but I prefer the ordinary Mass (but traditional style) for normal Sunday Mass because I feel the congregation can be more involved. I do like Gregorian Chant though and Taize style music.

Rachel said...

I love history, medieval stuff, and tradition, and I went to my first TLM fully expecting to love it, but it left me cold. I hadn't realized most of the prayers would be silent, and I didn't know the propers change so it was very hard to follow, and I knew very little about the TLM beforehand so I just wasn't prepared. I had to go four or five times before I really felt I was worshiping.

Now I love it much, much more than the NO, but it took time, repeated exposure, and effort. Definitely an acquired taste for me.