Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Digital Design Fun

I had some fun today with digital design. First, I couldn't resist the handsome helmet of the Swiss Guard.

Then I found a very awesome quote by Pope Benedict XVI about applause in church. I just loved it and created a little mini-poster of it. Is that quote too true, or what?

A word about applause: When I was a younger girl, I remember the rare times I heard applause during a Mass. It almost always was the response to someone getting baptized, receiving First Communion, or being received into the Catholic church. Still, it always felt weird to me; as though we shouldn't be doing it.

Now I understand why it felt strange. It is because we are in the midst of a very holy time and place. The re-presentation of the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ is happening and it requires our full attention and deepest devotion. I think I'm understanding more that those who are more liberal in their views look at the Mass as simply a "celebration." It's light-hearted. It's supposed to be "fun." Viewing it through the lens of the ultimate sacrifice that both God the Father and God the Son made is "a drag."

They don't say it in so many words, but from all the liturgical dancing, the worship bands, and the homilies that sound like Southern Baptist sermons - it sure seems that way.

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