Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back Home

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend! We left on Friday to travel to Durham, North Carolina and it took about 9 hours to reach our destination. (Which wasn't too bad since a straight drive would have taken about 8 hours.) We left yesterday after the wedding to drive back (starting at the oh-so-wonderful hour of 5:30 PM.) and after missing one of our turns, (and thus adding an extra hour to our drivetime just for fun...) we arrived home at 3:45 AM this morning.

The wedding was wonderful, although it was outdoors and the air was slightly humid and hot. Northern NC had received a huge amount of rain and we thought it would have brought in cooler weather. Well, not so much. And my outfit was a long sleeved number. I was definitely overdressed for both the location and the weather!

I still can't believe my stepson is married! He has a wonderful gal for a wife and I know she'll help keep him on the straight and narrow! It was great to meet our daughter-in-law's extended family. (How strange to think "daughter-in-law" now...!) Dustin's fellow Army buds were in the wedding and they were great to meet, too. I could tell they all have fun together and enjoy great supportive relationships.

One thing I discovered was McDonald's "McCafe" drinks really did help keep me awake! Okay. I think it's safe to say I'm hooked on the flavored lattes! I had a Vanilla Latte on the way down, then a Caramel Latte and a Vanilla Latte on the way back to Columbus. For around $3 for a large, they give Starbuck's a serious run for their money. (I used to be a Starbuck's barista and know the same sized drink would run well over $5.) All I cared about was having some espresso to keep me awake. My husband is one of those types who won't let me fall asleep because as he says, "you have to keep me awake!" So I needed some extra help. Thank God for McDonald's!

I'll be working on creating a scrapbook for the new couple, part of our gift to them. Mickey took some great photos and they had another photographer also at the wedding. (I'll be using Mickey's photos, only.) I'll be busy with that project for awhile!

I've determined that my husband's traveling style and mine are so different. Me: Let's blaze through the speed limit by going 5 miles over. My husband: Let's be extra careful not to be pulled over by a psycho cop and go exactly the speed limit. Maybe even less.

Arrrggghhh!! If I had gotten out of the car and pushed it at times, we would have gone faster!

God love my husband, though. He puts up with a lot of harping at times from yours truly...

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X said...

Glad you are home safe and I'm looking forward to seeing a photo or two (I hope!)