Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gianna Jesson: Brave Activist for Pro-Life

On Wednesday, I happened to catch "The Laura Ingraham" show and heard a very passionate young woman speak against the horror of abortion and Obama's lack of any ethical honesty about it. She comes with a unique perspective. Over 30 years ago, her mother tried to abort her. She survived. When the nurse saw that little Gianna was breathing, she took her to a local hospital where she was saved.

What struck me about Gianna was an absolute stunning amount of optimism and joy as she spoke to Laura. Although she has cerebral palsy as a result of the botched abortion, she was literally bubbling over with gratitude toward God for saving her, both physically and spiritually. As a Christian, her love for her Savior is obvious. As a survivor of a saline abortion, her witness is radically powerful.

View her ad below before YouTube decides to pull the plug:

Not surprisingly, Obama's camp is trying to downplay the truth.

The truth is Obama voted four times to deny healthcare to babies who survived an abortion. He is trying to claim that he thought it would lead to abortion being made illegal. I still can't fathom anyone denying healthcare to a helpless baby, but there it is.

Here is a little more from CNN and some interesting comments by Bill Bennett:

This definitely is not looking good for Obama.


X said...

Gianna spoke at our parish last year and I got the chance to have a private word with her afterwards. I don't even know how to describe her adequately - vibrant, passionate, holy - but also very funny. And much shorter than you think this giant of ProLife advocacy would be! I remember thinking - how can this little bent over person be such a powerhouse but like she says in her talks - when I speak, Hell trembles.

So should Obama.

Gianna ROCKS!

Elisabeth said...

crap arguments on the part of the liberal spokesperson. Bill Bennett nailed him every time. What I want to know is details on the rumor of Obama promising that his first act as President will be to revoke the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act

Unknown said...

Oh WOW!!! On Monday night, a group of Catholics on Facebook had a teleconference about Giana's story. Here is a link if you'd like to watch: