Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Praise Report: New Job!

I am in awe of God. My gratitude toward His infinite mercy and providence truly knows no bounds at this moment. Through a very odd set of circumstances, it looks like I will start a brand new job next week!

What is amazing to me is that I could not have asked for a more perfect job. In fact, I have been searching for this type of a job for quite some time, with no success and today, it literally fell into my lap. So next week, I will be "testing out" my new position as a Graphic Designer/Writer/PR assistant/Web Design Support for a small company. I am beyond thrilled that God has answered my prayer to find a position that would utilize my college degree, and my writing/designing skills.

The company culture is a good fit for me. They're a great group of people who genuinely enjoy working together. It is a casual environment and for the most part, laid-back. I don't sense that the company president is a frantic ball of nerves, demanding everyone to wrap themselves around his personal brand of crazy.

I'll be in a "testing phase" because both of us want this to be a good fit. If I'm not what they need, they'll interview more people and I'll bow out. If they're not what I like, it's understood I'll move along. I have several part-time jobs but quite honestly, I need more income - hence the requests for prayer and petitions.

What is wild is that just this morning during Mass, I asked God to please bring me an opportunity to use my talents, education, and skills. I was getting a little discouraged because I realize I'm not, as they say, "a spring chicken" anymore. As much as some companies would deny any bias against older applicants, I know it exists. One look at my resume and anyone could tell I've been working for quite some time. And some read that as potentially problematic because older employees generally ask for higher pay (and typically deserve it) and are not as "pliable" in attitude.

In other words, older employees often don't mince words and if they have a bad attitude, it will not likely change.

So. This company is willing to give me a chance and I am ready to make the most of it. Now my prayers will be that I'll be on the same page with their vision and able to execute it with precision. I'll still be praying!

Meanwhile, I wanted to thank you if you sent up a prayer or two for me. Job hunting is never fun. Although I've been searching for a part-time position, I'm thinking I'll be able to deal with an office environment full-time if it is a creative position. And this position will definitely be using every creative bone in my body.

Thank you God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, and all the saints who heard my cry! Amen and amen!


owenswain said...

As an artist who is occupationally challenged because I came home to the Catholic Church forfeiting my 20 year pay cheque as a protestant minister I rejoice with you!!! and continue to ask for the intercession of St. Joseph.

I am happy for you.

Mary Rose said...

Owen, I had no idea you were a minister! Wow. God bless you for the sacrifice you took in order to "swim the Tiber" and come home the the Catholic Church. That is amazing. I know that Marcus Grodi's "Coming Home Network" has worked toward helping Protestant ministers by providing resources and support in finding a new career. I'm not sure if you've checked out what they offer, but it sounded very interesting.

By the way, I really love your "Acts 1:8" painting. The colors you used for the background reminded me of Christmas, although I don't think that was your intent. There is a beautiful serenity and at the same time, excitement in your painting. I really like it!

Rachel said...

That's so wonderful, Mary Rose! I hope the job will work out just as you and the company hope. Praise God!

X said...

MR- that place sounds exactly like where I work and you will love it! I am so happy for you!

owenswain said...

mary rose, thanks for the kind words. There used to be a lot more on my conversion blog about my conversion. It's all in an off line archive now though I may bring those posts back in some form.

CHN is a great organization, if you live in the US. I am Canadian. I've been in contact more than once and not really had any help at all.

Thanks for the notes on the painting. More to come on that art blog in the days ahead. I have a number of freelance things on the go largely, I believe, as a result to this prayer: "O St. Joseph, grant me what you yourself would pray for were you in my place on this earth, with numerous family and financial difficulties. O good St. Joseph of Mount Royal, harken to my prayer." It is a prayer of the Blessed Andre Bissetter which I came across while on the Eucharistic Congress pilgrimage this June in Quebec.

God bless you mary rose, again I am pleased for you.

owenswain said...

Sorry, spelling error, that should have been Blessed Andre Bissette (no 'r') :)

joannaB73 said...

Thank you Owen for the prayer and Praise Jesus Mary Rose that we have a god who answers prayer. Praying that the job will go well for you. Please pray for me as well as my health has been poor and it makes me despondent as I need good health for two weeks temping I have while I am job hunting. Kind regards Joanna

Chris said...

Praise God! The job sounds wonderful Mary Rose. :)