Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Don't Care What the World Wants - A Rant

A recent poll shows that 22 countries want Sen. Barack Obama as our President.

You know what? I don't care. When it comes to choosing our next President, I don't care what the world thinks and frankly, I think it is rather rude and presumptuous of them to think they should have any influence at all. During our last election in 2004, I was shocked when I heard stories about people from other countries flying in to help the Democratic campaign. These people did not live in the United States, nor did they pay taxes. But yet they felt they had the right to be a part of our electoral process because as one said, "who America chooses as their president affects my life more than who my country chooses as president."

For the love of pete. I know some may say this statement is true, but I still say - so what? Our country's government entails more than foreign policy and exports. I don't think I'm alone in saying I am weary of the world's judgment of our country but yet has the expectation that we are to be a generous parent, forever supporting financially everyone who needs it.

I know where this bold (some would call arrogant) attitude comes from. My heritage. Back in the early 1900's, my great-grandparents immigrated to the United States from Italy. They spoke no English and started their life as field workers, picking vegetables to earn a meager living. Soon, my great-grandfather decided to start his own produce business. Their children learned English and proudly served in the Army during World War II. The produce business flourished and still exists today, operated by the great-great grandchildren.

People like my great-grandparents built this country. They poured their lifeblood into their families and shaped this nation into what it is today. They owned the country for all of their dedication and hard work.

Now fast forward to today and the "globalization" of everything. I can deal with imports and exports from all over the world but don't tell this country how to run itself. Don't try to tell Americans that because our country is successful while other countries have struggled, we are somehow obligated to listen to them and do their bidding. There are few things that enrage me more than seeing my great-grandparents contribution to this great nation minimized because somehow, a bunch of other countries think they're entitled to it. My great-grandparents sacrificed much not only to bring success to their own lives, but to the country and in my eyes - they deserve some respect.

We have urban sprawl, decreasing populations in the cities while surrounding rural areas are growing, the needs of our educational system, health-care system, social security, and the very real threat of a shrinking middle class. Yes, our country is concerned for the world and we can't afford to be isolationists; but the bottom line is that we as a nation have the right to examine our candidates without worrying what the world thinks. If you're from another nation and care so much, then become a citizen here - pay taxes, and then vote. That's the American Way.

I think I'm safe in saying that most Americans are not for Big Government. We don't cotton to the idea of the government deciding every facet of our lives. This is not a socialist country. (At least, not yet.) We try to rein in extreme control at every opportunity, including the checks and balances our democracy provides. I think "The Great Experiment" has done pretty well for all the ups and downs our country has experienced.

We have no idea how our presidential candidates have been presented to the world, but I sense Sen. Obama has been presented in a glowing light. Still, it's not the world's call regarding who will run our country. The decision belongs to the American taxpayer alone.

And those other countries can keep their own money, too. In fact, here's a thought: For all their complaining about the United States, why not instead channel those donations toward their own country?

Now that would be newsworthy.


Elisabeth said...

I am with you - 100%!

Unknown said...

Yes yes yes!!! We are totally on the same page!!!! Well done!

joannaB73 said...

I like Sarah Palin and I am from the UK! Apparently she has ancestry from Norfolk, East Anglia.

Janny said...

About time someone said these things. Now, can we get YOU elected to something?



meggimugs said...

I am from Alaska and my sister and I set up a blog for Gov Sarah Palin. Here it is...

Thanks Meg


Let me know what you think. :)