Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pandora & Music

I think it's interesting that Facebook has a Pandora application. It's fun to look at the musical choices of others. I have thought Pandora has had a unique take on Internet radio for awhile, now.

What's strange is when I hear groups re-produce music from the 80's. In the latest I just heard, INXS re-recorded their "Need You Tonight" with a sharp electronica/house edge. It sounded fresh but a little weird since I remembered it well when it first came out.

I like to listen to high energy music sometimes when I'm creating a digital layout or doing something design-like on my computer. Anything "danceable" is good for me. :-)

Anyone want to share some of their favorite groups? Since the Internet has spawned so many indies, it is tough to keep up with everyone. I don't even try so I may discover some new favorites from what you recommend.

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heelers said...

I'd recommend an Irish group called The Cranberries. Sometimes poppy, sometimes traditional, always contemporary and just a little bit artsy.
James (in Ireland)