Friday, September 5, 2008

Blogger Stuff: New Widget Added - Blogs I'm Following

I have to admit that there are just way too many good blogs out there! Since returning to the Catholic church, I have found some great blogs that have helped me in my journey. Some are just "hi-freaking-larious" (according to the ever-popular 'Carolina Cannonball' and her blog, "The Crescat) and some are very informational (such as Fr. Z's blog, "What Does The Prayer Really Say).

I decided to make use of the new Blogger widget, that updates a blog list with the most recent entries. I think it's cool. My list will most likely change, according to how many other new blogs I discover, but for now, it's fairly lengthy enough. And yes, I know my left hand column is getting busy. There's just so much out there! :-)

I still want a better reading list, though. I think Blogger improved it. I need to find it and test it out.

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