Friday, August 8, 2008

Foremost UK Gay Activist Admits There Is No Gay Gene

Not that I ever believed there was a 'gay gene.' However, I find it fascinating that a gay activist actually admitted there is no such gene.

Whenever confronted with the idea that people are "born gay," I have quickly pointed out that God is not going to condemn homosexual behavior and then proceed to create a human being who has no choice in the matter. It simply doesn't make any sense.

I know there are "levels" of same-sex attraction. Those who choose the homosexual lifestyle may indeed have a predisposition toward it. But they're not predestined, which is - as this activist says, a completely different issue.

I'm almost certain this will get very little press. It is unfortunate because there are many homosexuals who truly believe they have no say in the matter. Because they believe they were "born that way," they seek no other solution for understanding their sexuality.

Chastity is for everyone.

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everyonecounts said...

The reason this story has received no press is because he is ONE PERSON. They have done several studies to contradict everything this person has said. Although, there is SOME evidence that states that there may not be a gene...

So before you go making assumptions about a group of people you know nothing about, perhaps you should take your time and do a little more homework. Otherwise, you'll sound like an uneducated redneck. Too late.

You don't know that there are levels of same-sex attractions unless you yourself had them. Care to elaborate?