Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Siggies Are After the Politicians

Tim Gill, a billionaire, addressed the LGBT crowd at the Democratic National Convention on Monday to give them a battle plan for advancing the gay agenda.

In short: Target politicians who are sympathetic to homosexual issues and pour money into their coffers.

As Gill explained:

“Every single advance for gay rights has come at the state level,” Gill said, saying the most important thing the Democratic LGBT delegates could do is “go back and support those pro-gay state legislators, and eliminate the anti-gay state legislators.”

He encouraged the delegates to donate to state candidates out of state, especially in rural areas.

The billionaire homosexual activist also counseled the audience not to donate to unwinnable races, but rather to focus their donations where they will most likely change the outcome of elections.

“Just a little bit of money goes a long way,” he said.

If all the LGBT delegates donated fifty dollars to specially targeted races, which he numbered at no more than ten or twenty per election year, Gill said “we can get rid of them.”

"Them" is us.

As Gill quipped, "The only way bigots are going to learn is if we take their power away from them."

You know what would be fantastic? If someone had a website that listed all the pro-family politicians and their voting record on the issues. I know that would be major. Maybe someone already has one. Meanwhile, keep an eye on your local races and support the politicians who protect the sanctity of marriage and strong pro-family legislation. The Siggies will be working overtime to knock them out of the political arena.

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