Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sexuality the New God In California

California has ruled that sexual orientation laws trump religious freedom.

Yes. We are fast approaching the day where Sexuality Is God. I may begin to refer to this as SIG and those who ascribe to such a belief, the Siggies. It is almost laughable until you realize that real people are experiencing a systematic attack that not only wants to silence those who have religious objections to homosexuality - but destroy them.

Consider the counselor from Atlanta who was fired from her job simply because she told a prospective lesbian client that she wouldn't be able to provide adequate counseling because as a Christian, she didn't agree with same-sex relationships. The counselor was cordial and referred the lesbian to another counselor who, according to her, provided "exemplary" service.

Mike Adams, in an article published on Townhall, had this to say:

What this case – taken by the Alliance Defense Fund - all boils down to is the unreasonable accommodation of gay activists who simply cannot tolerate the existence of anyone, anywhere who does not accept the gay lifestyle. And to the extent that we accommodate them, we are helping to create a very “uncivil” rights movement. And it is a trend with dangerous implications.

I would go even further to say that gay activists cannot tolerate anyone who does not bow to the Sexuality Is God movement. Their worship of their sexuality is priority. It orients every aspect of their life and their worldview is only viewed through its prism. All must bow to their SIG for if one doesn't, this is the consequence: Eradication of self and purpose from society.

Now in California, we have the judicial system ruling that a person's religious beliefs must bow to the State. Forget about the separation of Church and State. This only matters when they don't want Christians praying in schools or mentioning Intelligent Design. Or when they want to outlaw Christmas. Or when they want to prohibit a Bible study group from meeting but will welcome the local group of Wiccans. Or...or...the list is growing.

I am beginning to think this is why Pope Benedict's visit to the United States came at such a prodigious moment in our history. I believe God sent him to remind us of our calling because hard times are ahead. Pope Benedict expressed quite eloquently the importance of maintaining a presence in the public square. Too often, Christians are relegated to the back of the bus, told to hush up and do as they're told. Meanwhile, the bus is tottering closer to the edge of a cliff and we're supposed to act like we don't care.

We cannot be silent about this, no matter how inconvenient or risky it may be to speak out about these injustices. Gay activists mock Christians by claiming we're over-reacting. Others say this is just desserts after the years of demeaning and critical treatment from the church. But it's not a "live and let live" attitude Siggies have. They're out for blood and are intent upon destroying anyone who will not acquiesce to their demands.

It is ironic that the same people who have whined for decades about being discriminated against are going full bore toward doing the very same thing.

Instead of simply saying, "Okay. They don't agree with what I'm doing. I'll find someone else who does..." They have to fight tooth and nail to make sure everyone "gets used to it." And who has assigned them this task of making sure everyone joins in lockstep with their brand of fascism?

No one. This is an age-old tale of man insisting he can do what he wishes, with no repercussions from anyone. God already responded to this type of lapse in judgement when He booted a third of the angels from heaven along with their gang leader, Old Flint.

Railing against God doesn't have a track record of positive results, but I doubt the Siggies are paying any attention.