Friday, August 29, 2008

The Lady Has It!

John McCain has chosen his V.P. and it's a lady!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is his choice, a virtual unknown, but yet from the bits and pieces I'm gathering from talk radio, she's is going to be an extremely good thing for the McCain camp, and hopefully, America.

She's pro-life and a spunky lady. An avid hunter, fisherman, and loving the outdoors - she is going to be a great person to connect with middle America. And on Laura Ingraham 's show, Laura shared a conversation she had with a woman who is on the inside of the Democratic track. The anonymous woman said if McCain picks a woman, all bets are off. Hillary's supporters are still angry about the treatment of "their woman." Now they have someone else and I'm wondering how many will jump ship.

Congratulations, Sarah Palin!

I wasn't excited before about the GOP pick, but now I am!

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