Friday, August 22, 2008

New "Castitas" Video: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I'm slowly getting my life back in order after The Big Move. I will say St. Anthony is getting a good workout as I beseech him to help me find stuff. I tried to be careful with my packing but needless to say, it will take a few more days to unearth everything. (Especially the library book that was due yesterday...)

This video was prompted by the news story of Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend breaking up with her via text message. I was slightly surprised. I'm aware of the whole "friends with benefits" phenomenon where people text an acquaintance to see if they'd be up for an amorous rendezvous. Ending a relationship by sending text over a cell phone is perhaps the flip side of the 21st century's idea of intimacy.

The video is a little over 15 minutes long. I decided to go with Google this time and forgot about their quality. My apologies for that, the extreme lighting, the wailing cicadas in the background...I'm still in a learning curve regarding creating videos. Maybe if you have it on while not watching it will be more enjoyable!

I met a lovely young woman after church this past Sunday and hope to get to know her better. I'm going to be organizing a "real life" meeting for college-aged Catholic women in my area very soon. The purpose would mainly be to provide a stable support group for women who wanted to live chastely, with dignity and self-respect while trusting in God for their future.

Here's the video, cicadas and all!

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