Friday, August 1, 2008

Latest Pop Hit: "I Kissed a Girl"

When I first heard of this song, I thought they were talking about Jill Sobule's "I Kissed a Girl" from 1995. I was wondering why everyone was making such a fuss out of a song that had been around for over ten years.

Well, it wasn't her song. It is a song from a girl named Katy Perry who decided to record a pop song by the same title. I was unaware of this girl until I received an email from Christopher West's site that featured a video by Christopher talking about it. (You have to register with the site in order to view his video.)

A few thoughts.

First, bi-sexuality is nothing new nor is the attempt to make it "hip." In 1989, I re-visited my college campus and stopped by the student union center. As I passed a glass display, I was shocked to see a large poster depicting two nude women in an intimate embrace. They were photographed from the side, but the white woman and black woman had their arms and legs wrapped around each other, sealing their union with a passionate kiss.

I realized then that the gay movement was putting forth a great deal of effort to seduce as many young people as possible into a sexually ambiguous lifestyle. If they could not recruit someone to be gay, at least they could influence them to be bi-sexual.

Young women are well aware of what a "turn-on" this is for men. For many men, watching two women paw each other is a fantasy. I don't think I've ever met a woman who was turned on by watching two gay men kiss but it only underscores the differences between male and female sexuality. When I was in my twenties, I remember the clubs were filled with women dancing sensually with each other, knowing they could get immediate attention from men for doing so.

And that to me is the point of Katy Perry's so-called "hit." It's to gain attention. Like artists before her who defiled sacred objects to grab headlines, Katy Perry has created a song she knew would generate controversy. The fact that she was raised in a Christian home and originally began her singing career with Christian gospel music only makes such a song as "I Kissed a Girl" more tragic.

I won't repeat the lyrics but will say my heart grieves for this girl. As I prayed the rosary this morning, I meditated upon the Sorrowful Mysteries. During the Fourth Mystery (Jesus Carrying His Cross), my eyes teared up as I realized the pain and humiliation He endured in order to free us from what Katy Perry was celebrating.

Sexuality apart from God's divine order is sin. Our bodies were not created to be used by our fickle whims but to reflect the mysterious and the holy. People like Katy Perry minimize our body's purpose by selfishly focusing on a fleeting moment of carnal pleasure. So what if women are "soft?" So what if women are "attractive." Does that justify rebelling against the natural order of creation because it's "hip?"

Apparently in Katy's world, the answer is yes.

"Angela M." asked in the combox about the pervasive depression that often accompanies a homosexual lifestyle. Believe me, I've witnessed that depression from my years of friendship with gay men. Psychologists would likely have a laundry list of why it is so but God makes it simple. It is because men and women who pursue a same-sex attraction lifestyle are rebelling against God's divine natural order of creation. If an artist tried to be an accountant, how frustrating would it be to create financial spreadsheets? Very, and there are plenty of artists who would agree.

Our spirits are housed within a physical body. God placed our spirits within our bodies for a reason. When a person rebels against the house God gave them, there will be misery. No matter how much society tells this person they can change houses and be happier - it's a lie. Sure, a woman could have sex-change or simply decide to live her life as a lesbian - but is she truly happy? I've not met one completely satisfied homosexual. None. And I've met a lot.

This is why I believe there is such turmoil within the "gay community." There is no rest for them, no satisfaction. They continue to pursue more government legislation to justify their lifestyles but do you notice it's never enough? The courts grant them "equal-rights" status in employment and housing, but that wasn't enough. They have been given the "right" to propagandize the schools but that isn't enough. They have pushed for more of a presence in films and TV shows but that isn't enough.

The religious institutions they've hated with a passion for decades is now their next target as they demand not only acceptance, but validation. How ironic that for the activists - who prided themselves on a refusal to conform to tradition - now want tradition to bless them. It is intended as a slap in the face for religion while the activists eagerly anticipate the church's humiliation.

But all of that won't be enough. It never will be because the homosexual lifestyle is a betrayal of the body. We did not create our bodies. God did. And until the person who struggles with homosexuality accepts that they are not the Creator, they will forever be depressed and despondent. Who has ever fought against God and been happy? And who fought against God with all his might and ended up getting kicked out of heaven?

I cannot end this entry without saying that this, this is why Jesus Christ came to earth! He came to set the record straight. He came to free us from mortal sin. He came to remind us that God is God and we are not.

There is such joy and contentment when we embrace the Truth of God. Instead of believing the devil's lie that it is oppression - know it is anything but oppression. It is freedom!

Our journey in these bodies are brief but our spirits are eternal. I pray that those who "play" with the very serious nature of sin, as Katy Perry is doing, will quickly wake up to the reality of God's love - and judgement.

Have mercy on our souls, oh Lord.


X said...

Great post MR! Like I said in a previous comment - even my aunt's lover who lives in a city as tolerant as Amsterdam IS STILL DEPRESSED even though she is accepted there.

everyonecounts said...

One person, Angela M. She's one person.

I have met several who are happy and functional members of society. Homosexuals who have children...yes they have children. And you know what? They're straight - every single one of them.

There's turmoil within the gay community because people full of hate on the other side created it. Hate crimes. Murder. Beatings. There's safety in numbers and that's just what they've done...they didn't have a choice.

That's why they're in "the closet"...especially if they live in the Midwest. They're literally afraid for their lives. That's why they have to move to more accepting regions, but you know what? There are still hate crimes in NYC and these other places. That's why they're not happy - they're afraid.