Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stupidest Piece of Logic I've Seen In a Long, Long Time...

So. Some genius in Australia has claimed that babies are a "drag" on the economy.

Yes. Even though they are faced with a shortage of workers, those who have babies are seen as "dragging" the economy down because the women will be taken from the workforce as they stay home and care for the babies, and consequentially, prevent tax money from going toward social security. Supposedly the number of births really won't make a dent in the problem anyway.

I would love to see the Catholic church in Australia respond to this.


Larry Denninger said...

You would think the uber-taxers would be happy about having more taxpayers in the pipeline. But that makes too much sense.

Liberalism is not only sinful, it's stupid.

Mary Rose said...

Amen, Larry! All I could think of when I read this piece was how children are still seen as an inconvenience instead of a blessing. It's so sad.