Friday, August 29, 2008

The Pro-Death Crowd Goes Nuts Over Palin

The Democrats are livid that John McCain has chosen not just a woman, but a woman who is pro-life.

For what it's worth, I couldn't help but respond to the above Huffington Post entry but I doubt it will see the light of day. Many of the women who commented were bemoaning the fact that Sarah Palin was pro-life and goodness, how on earth could they possibly go forward unless they had a woman who adored abortion?

My comment:
For pete's sake...can some of you women think beyond your own bodies? Dag...there is so much more at stake in this country's future than abortion! Give it a rest, already!

I am appalled by the "one-note symphony" some of the liberal women keep singing. It doesn't seem to faze them that a woman was chosen as the VP nominee. No. They instead whine that it wasn't Kay Bailey Hutchison. They can't rejoice in knowing a woman like Sarah Palin worked her way to the governorship of the state of Alaska, beating the Republican incumbent and then going on to beat the Democratic rival. They can't celebrate the fact that this woman has followed their gameplan of being a working mother who has accomplished much while having a family of five and a husband.

No. They're stuck on the one issue that obsesses them. The one issue that truly is more self-centered than any issue this country has ever had. The one issue that has killed millions of babies, stolen from our society a future generation that could have provided skills and talents to benefit our nation, and has wounded women more deeply in their soul than any sword could.

I continue to be puzzled about why abortion is such an obsession for the Democratic party. Why is it so important? Because it allows a woman to do something that is inherently against her nature? Because when a woman decides to kill her own growing baby, make no mistake - she is killing herself. She is betraying her own instincts as nurturer and choosing a lie.

There is so much more to abortion, more than I can talk about right now. It is a tragedy at best and a barbaric nightmare at worse. It is a grave sin and pure evil. And yet some of these thickheaded women keep yapping about it as though it is the best offering for women.

It angers me. I have known women who aborted their babies and they mourn. They mourn what could have been and mourn the death of their own soul. Only through the power of God's grace can forgiveness be had and healing begin.

Governor Palin thankfully doesn't have to deal with that. I am beyond thrilled we have a strong woman who will stand up for the weaker citizens of our country.

I have to look around at all the other pro-choice women and say: Where is your strength, woman? Where is your wisdom? But yet you expect other women to follow you and complain that the V.P. candidate isn't a serious contender because she doesn't promote your lies?

Shame on you.


Elisabeth said...

And what these pathetic libs can't grasp is that the #1 beneficiary of abortion is...

Kim said...

Great post. I'd been feeling so grumpy about this upcoming election. Hearing that Sarah Palin was going to be McCain's running mate was like a breath of fresh air. It certainly makes things more interesting! You said you are "beyond thrilled," and that sums up perfectly that way I feel, too!

As to Laura's comment about men being the number one beneficiary of abortion---that's not true. Abortion hurts men too. No one TRULY benefits from it; they only THINK they do.