Monday, August 25, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook

I have been fascinated by my friend Kimberly's inclusion of this, every Monday (Catholic Family Vignettes). Although it is late in the day, I decided to go ahead and do it since Monday is the day for the group of people who do this. I am grateful to Peggy of "The Simple Woman blog who is the clever and creative woman who started The Simple Woman's Daybook. Visit her blog for some truly interesting information about living the simple life.

For today, August 25, 2008

Outside My Window... is the sound of the cicadas, relishing their own symphony of sound, the breeze is blowing inside at a perfect 75 degrees. The sun is low but it is still light outside. Oh, I love the long days of summer!

I am thinking...about how to rid our kitchen of these teensy-tiny little ants. I've never seen ants so small! But they're annoying and they need to find another place to live. We're already moved in.

I am thankful husband who works hard and my new parish home. I've met such a great group of folks already (including Kimberly!)

From the silence. I just finished prepping the coffeemaker for tomorrow morning since my hubby gets up very early. (1:30 AM!) And...paper towels soaked with ammonia, stuffed in the little space of a counter where the ants were trying to conduct their annual convention.

I am wearing...beige shorts, a gray tank top and barefoot, my hair pulled up and held by one of those truly elite alligator clips. Aren't I the fashion plate this evening? (I'm going to have to get dressed up for these entries...)

I am creating...more digital scrapbook pages and it feels good. I was on a bit of a hiatus for the last few months. I just seemed busy with too many other things and didn't feel motivated. Now I'm getting back and love some of the new kits I've been "gifted" with.

I am start hunting for part-time jobs. I've actually "advertised" myself on Craigslist. All I've received so far were responses from two people trying to get me to sign up for the same direct sales organization. Um, no.

I am reading...Sex & the Soul by Donna Freitas. Love this book already. She is talking about how many college girls are very unsatisfied with the whole "hooking up" culture that permeates college campuses. I'm not surprised.

I am hoping...that I find a good part-time job soon that will give me more of a consistent working schedule.

I am hearing...the hum of the floor fan. The nice thing about this new home is its ability to keep cool. I'm about ready to click on my Pandora music list. Not sure if I'm in a "Coldplay" mood or a "Jake Shimabukuro" one...

Around the house...are boxes that still need to be unpacked and the contents need a home. I'm still working on purging but it's going slow. Ugh. Why do I collect junk?!!

One of my favorite things...after my work is done, to sit down to the computer and write what's on my heart.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Looking for that unique part-time job, working at Michael's tomorrow. Figuring out who still needs my new address. And getting back on track with my Pampered Chef business which has been woefully neglected during the move.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... A lovely dusky photo of a beautifully serene place in town - Pickerington Ponds.

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